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He managed to create within the years his own unique style by providing the world with a variety of dance music styles such as Deep House, Techno, and Acid. Satoshi possesses a rich imagination, and will continue to be a prolific producer across many musical styles and building a strong discography the entire time as a result.

It must be deliciously bewildering to get recognition from those who inspired you in the very beginning.

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Never not working, Franck Roger is about to take things to another level as beat maker, a talent scout through his Real Tone Records label , and the DJ you want to dance to. More beats, more gigs, more love. Sweatbox Records is a non mainstream electronic music label that encompasses the music direction at the well known weekly Kuala Lumpur parties with the same name- The Sweatbox, organized by Art Xtreme Media. From Sunset melodies to dance floor fillers to intelligent electronica to deep grooves and to Sunrise epicness, Sweatbox Records direction reveals the hot, fun, sweaty and brimming with good energy Saturday nights at The Sweatbox.

We are very pleased to celebrate our 1st year of existence by gathering a few of the Sweatbox Records artists whose invaluable present and future contribution to the label is keeping the good vibes flowing: the local talents OtherKind, Obadius, Meliha and Kuma plus our special guests Raff Track FR and Rodaq GER. Barrio by Pisco Bar is proud to announce our first Thursday techno party of the year with the one and only Benjamin Damage who will be throwing us a bone and playing a live set, to make this night even more special, we are teaming up with the crew of Art Xtreme Media as they celebrate their anniversary!

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First artist signed to 50Weapons and released the last artist album to close the label. This album solidified Damage as an innovative mind in electronic music, and saw him relocate to the techno obsessed German city in Abandoning the stage laptop, Damage delivers a truly live electronic techno performance, taking elements of his original tracks and recreating them in a new form for every show.

His all hardware setup premiered at Fabric in and was heavily refreshed in with debut shows in Oval Space and Berghain. As 50Weapons closed, RA included the label in their top of and concluded "The real gem, though, was an album of teary techno from Benjamin Damage, one of the label's best and longest-serving artists.

What if we told you that being different is beautiful? Children with autism are special and with our help , their lives will be easier and not to mention, the priceless feeling for making a difference. Join us with a good thought , a small donation and help us spread awareness about the beauty of being different. We will be selling T-shirts at RM35 and bracelets at RM20 which includes an entry to our raffle competition to win three prizes:.

We have an amazing schedule of DJs all set to make you move in your own way. So make sure to catch them all! And teaming up with Pernod Ricard Malaysia, we have Jasper Epsom on guest shift from 10pm onwards making Highball cocktails first-come-first-serve as we have two bottles only at RM20 nett which all proceeds go to charity. We appreciate any further donations, as in collaboration with Art Xtreme Media and Early Autism Project Malaysia and The Iron Fairies KL, all donations and T-shirt, bracelet funds go towards funding an underprivileged child with autism to attend school where they can be properly cared for.

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Ellie, goes by her moniker Elaheh was first exposed to electronic music back in which took her from bedroom mixing sessions to playing at Ex Nihilo's 'Urban Tentacles' event in May Her local underground hero, Sunju Hargun took notice of her musical style and selection playing as one-half of the duo 'Sen Yai'. With a keen ear for music and a multi-cultural background, Ellie is set to as one of the promising DJs in Bangkok's emerging underground scene.

You might be surprised to learn that Mark Fanciulli only put out his first record in Humble and hard working, his mission is to create singular sounds that stand out both on the dance floor, but also at home, and he has continued to do that across the course of an assured run of EPs. Inhabiting a creative nether region between house and techno, they are tracks that fill rooms with physical drum lines and lithe synths and never fail to make floors move.

Alongside his passion for, and dedication to, the dance, Mark has a soft spot for radio and will be starting a new show soon and also takes his cues from film soundtracks. It helps to elevate his music above mere functional fodder and ensures his beats always come with a subtle sense of storytelling that really transports people somewhere else. Dan Buri Official : A late night juggernaut responsible for the proliferation of techno in Bangkok, Dan Buri is like the city having its own Berlin resident DJ at its helm.

His German upbringing reverberates in the brooding yet melodic soundscapes that he plays but his Thai roots lend him a more lighthearted approach to everything that he does. Notorious for pushing boundaries into nonexistence, Dan has crafted a career out of fusing together his many worlds in seamless and syncopated harmony.

His current trajectory stations him in Europe for the summertime, regularly coasting through countries like Germany, Switzerland, Austria and France, while winters are spent in the warmer regions of Asia where he is bastion of its underground music culture. But regardless of where you find him, you will find his dance floor moving, bruising and sweating.

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Ashley Casselle is one of those DJs who constantly keeps the elements he loves within the sanctuary of his DJ sets, productions and remixes. Born in the south of Mexico and started her modeling career in the Miss Mexico beauty pageant contest. When she was 19 she started traveling to explore the world. During her traveling she discovered this passion and got inspired by music in different places such as Hong Kong, Mexico and Goa with different genres such as dubstep, electronic and techno.

With her music she wants to cultivate joy within every beautiful soul. This Saturday, February 23rd, we will take you on a 7 h long play journey at The Sweatbox with the legendary Clive Henry. An established figure of the London and Ibiza party circuit since the mid 80's with is former imprint- Peace Division as well as a resident at one of the world's most influential clubs- DC 10 , at their equally legendary Monday parties- Circoloco.

Let's Long Play! Clive started his long musical journey way back in the mid-eighties when he was working after school to earn money to feed his vinyl addiction. In he founded the iconic label Low Pressings with fellow surburbanite Justin Drake who went on to become his production partner in Peace Division.

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During this period Clive relocated to Ibiza every summer and in on after a night out at Space with fellow DJ Lottie they stumbled across the now legendary Circo Loco afterparty held at DC10 on Monday mornings. During the last decade Clive has established himself as the British backbone of the club laying down his trademark brand of deep no- nonsense house music week in week out having being invited to join DC10 stellar roster of residents back in Book a table reservations clubkyokl.

This Saturday, February 16th we are presenting you not one but two artists whose music direction is as different to each other as it it exciting. Kaiser Souzai's "Ballroom Records"Berlin- based imprint, laced up with big techno gems, relentless and full of energy will combine surprisingly with Manuel Fischer's eclectic- breaks-oriented Ozelot imprint.

This Sweatbox session features the unexpected take on 2 different genres and the beauty of this is finding that common denominator that would turn it into a crazy party session. Obadius' " Oh, By The Way:" is about finding common points in music as it is about surprising the dance floor with absolutely whack music picks. Also featuring is the co-resident Otherkind. Expect the unexpected, see you on the dance floor! Kaiser Souzai: Kaiser Souzai is rooted in Berlin, feeling at home on earth, gathering input from every country he is traveling to, most of his work is created while being on tour.

Carving his very own niche of what he calls Progressive Techno, he has defined his sound for many years which has its influences from House and Techno as well as the Prog Bands of the 70ties.

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This he brings on-stage in his Hybrid Set, jamming with electronic Percussion and playing only Kaiser Souzai material or artists that have released on his Ballroom Record imprint, delivering a unique night of a Kaiser Souzai artist performance. Manuel Fischer Through his productions, Manuel Fischer makes breakbeat influenced house music. But that title can only be applied loosely. The depth and breadth of influences which flow into his sound result in a product full of undertones and subtle shades. Inspiration and influence is gathered by by modern sounds of techno and oldschool sounds of progressive to create tracks aromatised by atmospheric and wicked synths and strings,aggressive basslines and tight drums.

Their very first big release came on Steyoyoke in with their track Emmanuel reaching the Top 20 Place No. Within the same year their next releases were also charted several times.

Tales of a bohemian youth on New York's upper Upper West Side

In Dizharmonia signed their deal with Zenhiser for creating and releasing their own unique sounds as Techno Molecules. By the same time they were reaching Top 20 once again Place No. During the last months they signed their forthcomng releases on Ritter Butzke Studio ,Berlin's legendary Club record label and Manual music and they're also working new projects along with Cocoon's Nakadia. The support comes from OtherKind. Art Xtreme Media is one of Malaysia's electronic music events organizers who initiated the journey-oriented Sweatbox parties amongst other projects such as the record label with the same name- Sweatbox Records.

This collaboration is meant to be an "outside the box" project , emphasizing the creative side of an artist's performance whilst providing a full sensorial experience with intrinsic visuals and a live electronic performance by Kindred involving drum machines, groove boxes, synths, loopers and samplers- a blend of analogue and digital rendered by people from diverse ethnic backgrounds; as it is a live experience, the music created right there and then is meant to bring an element of surprise and keep the audience on their toes, literally and figuratively.

The improvised music may bring out different electronic styles, with influences from ambient, glitch, techno and others genres. The music is programmed on machines without the use of computers. A mix of digital and analogue hardware create a unique soundscape. Kindred is a collaboration of international musicians and visual artists based in Germany.

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Their style is marked by drum machines, groove boxes, synths, loopers and samplers. Kindred has frequent jam-sessions which a constantly growing pool of sounds. Collaborating with artists that come to their studio is a great source of inspiration and opens up many possibilities for creating an interesting sound experience. These are local artists, singers and instrumentalists playing various acoustic instruments from different ethnic backgrounds.

Kindred performances are live acts, this means patterns and sounds are all created on the fly. The direction and intensity of the sound largely influenced by the setting and the atmosphere given. Kindred takes guidance from the reactions of the crowd and in turn plays with the mood collectively created. Dear party people, This Saturday, February 2nd, the entire Sweatbox girl squad , comprised of the busiest female DJs in town is reuniting for our monthly Girls Gort Groove an edition dedicated to all ladies behind the console and the sass and perspective they deliver through their music picks.